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The Erasmus+ App

The Erasmus+ App is a one-stop-shop for learners that will place the mobility experience abroad at the fingertips of young people. It is intended to simplify the mobility process, to make it more accessible for every user while promoting innovation and digitalisation in the long run. Users of the app will be provided information on the Erasmus+ Programme opportunities for individuals and offered guidance throughout their mobility journey- from the application phase (with integrated application tools) to their return home.


Single Entry Point

Create a single entry point for learners to support them through their mobility journey

Accessible Information

Make access to information on mobility more accessible for young people across Europe

Peer-to-peer Communication:

Give learners the opportunity to share and interact with each other

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9 September 2021

Who is the Erasmus+ App for?

The Erasmus+ App is for all learners taking part in Erasmus+ mobility opportunities. The mobility journey is adapted for each group of learners, allowing them to engage with content specific to them. Check here which features they will be able to access.

Higher Education Study Mobility Higher Education Traineeship Mobility Higher Education Erasmus Mundus Vocational Education and Training Youth Exchanges
Information about the Erasmus+ opportunities

Mobility journey with supporting checklist

Access tips, stories, discounts and events

Share your feedback

Access mobility documentation (e.g. OLA)

Application for Erasmus+ directly via the App

Release II

Digital European Student Card

Release II

Release II

Higher education institution specific mobility checklists

Release II

Release II

Release II


January 2020 - September 2021

  • Kick-Off of the New Erasmus+ App (January 2020)

    The previous Erasmus+ App was launched in 2017. Time for an update!

  • Needs Assessment and Use Case Definition (Spring 2020)

    Through focus groups, study visits to 6 different universities, an inclusive workshop with students from diverse backgrounds across Europe, the project aims to bring internationalisation closer to students and young people.

  • Stakeholder Consultation (Summer 2020)

    Several rounds of mock-ups were presented for feedback to learners, institutions and policymakers.

  • Development Full Speed Ahead (Fall 2020)

    The development of the Erasmus+ App went full speed ahead, focusing on the elements of the first release.

  • First release of the Erasmus+ App in app stores (December 2020)

    The first release of the Erasmus+ App went live in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • 1st Launch of the Erasmus+ App (January 2021)

    The first release of the Erasmus+ App took place on the 28th of January 2021. Would you like to rewatch the event? Click here.

  • Webinars (Spring & Fall 2021)

    Several webinars will be organised in the framework of Erasmus Goes Digital in order to help universities digitise their procedures and feed their content into the Erasmus+ App.

  • 2nd Launch (September 2021)

    The second release is foreseen by September 2021, stay tuned!

Knowledge Centre

Do you have specific questions related to the Erasmus+ App? Check the Erasmus+ App Knowledge Centre for more up to date technical information!

The knowledge centre gathers information in FAQ’s, offers a glossary and explains how IRO’s can work with the Erasmus+ App.

For any questions or feedback:
please feel free to reach out to the helpdesk team at ELTE by contacting

Promotional Material

Here you can find a variety of resources, including guidelines and media kits, which are at the disposal of anyone who would like to promote the Erasmus+ App.


Guidelines for using the visual identity of the Erasmus+ App


Social Media Kit

Visual materials about the Erasmus+ App ready to be shared on social media


Printing Kit

Flyers, posters and roll-ups to promote the Erasmus+ App at your institution



The Erasmus+ App tender is coordinated by Eötvös Loránd University in collaboration with the European University Foundation and the Erasmus Student Network the technical design and development done by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and EWORX.

The Erasmus+ App is owned and funded by the European Commission. The European Commission cannot be held responsible for the published content by third parties within the Erasmus+ App.

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